life changes!yup it does without telling us!!

There are so many changes which take place around us and each day in us,while we may pay attention to some of these changes,we mostly miss a lot of them.We often wonder how that great friendship which we cherished so much changed into just a compulsion to be nice,the love,the respect is gone. The thing which you were crazy about some time back doesn’t seem important now,in fact you don’t know why you liked it in the first place.We think that all of a sudden we have changed or maybe our circumstances or people have changed,but the thing is nothing happens suddenly,it takes place gradually and comes into our notice only when it becomes so big that we cant avoid it.

so what do we do?

While some changes are pleasant,like when you discover that you lost that flab you were fighting for so long, or that you have mastered that skill which you were trying to learn so passionately,or finally the person you were hoping to be with is finally with you.There are some changes which shock us,give us pain and most often leave us in a place where we don’t know what to do. We must first understand that in life nothing will remain same,sometimes its us who has changed and sometimes its others,nothing is constant. But in this constantly changing world we have an anchor to whom we can firmly attach ourselves and come what may we can be sure that the one we trust HE WILL NOT CHANGE.

I am talking about Lord is written in the bible that Jesus is same yesterday,today and forever. I read this verse a zillion times but i used to think what is the use of that scripture,its obvious someone as great as God shouldn’t change, but it dawned on me that it is written for us to realize that when we think that nothing is forever,even diamonds are not for ever you know! there is someone who doesn’t change even when we do,His love for us never changes,even when we change. We need a support to fall back on when we have tough times going on,that support is Jesus,He will be always there for us,to support us,to bring us back on our feet.

All we need is not trust and confidence on ourselves but trust and confidence on the ONE WHO NEVER CHANGES.


Shaking off fear

do not be afraid

Fear is a common feeling,we all experience it not once but multiple times in our life.Same with me i have fear about my future.

”what if plan A fails?”

“will plan B be good enough?”

“will I ever succeed?”

Every day we battle multiple things in our lives. Not only our fears but also stressful situations,difficult people,an unexpected bad news,some dream being shattered. Happens to all of us,in all these things sometimes I just become fearful and i don’t want to meet those ‘difficult ‘people or I dont want to plan a thing which might fail,I don’t even watch tv serials in fear of seeing the protagonist fail!!! While planning something big ,I fear that it might end in not so pleasing way.

I feared the bad things which have not even happened yet,then it suddenly dawned on me that there is no cause of being fearful. I have seen tough situations before and got out of them pretty well,Ifought where I needed to and won the fight. As you can see the picture on the top, there are many promises and commands in The Bible which start with,’do not be afraid.’ What does it mean,does it mean we wont have fearful situations? life will be easy peasy and pleasant all the time? NO!!! it means that as each day we fight our fears and our battles we need not be afraid,because our God has everything in control. even if we experience failure,our dreams and plans being shattered,the situation becoming tougher than ever,we can still believe that God is with us and with this confidence we can face tomorrow. Never in the past did Ihave the peace and confidence i have now that GOD IS IN CONTROL, we should just do our best and leave the rest to HIM. so what if my dream gets broken, i can still trust HIM that one door has been closed so that I could enter into a door which opens into a better world. Fear can hold us until the point we let it control us and until we try to be our own gods trying to control everything, but once we submit our lives into the hands of our God we can be assured that our lives will be great,may not be exactly in the way we wanted,but definitely in a better way.



Hope is the force which keeps us going through our most difficult times of our is that power which enables us never to give up on a dream,a loved one. It enables us to see the silver lining under every dark,thick cloud of the fiery storms we face.

For it is hope which helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is life. We can’t live without hope. Everyday we have  a new  hope,hope of achieving something or of meeting someone or just living the day through when everything seems tough. Hope is our impetus to expect good.

Hope for me is that important as much as the air we breathe because without it we won’t be able to move forward. Every successful person hopes every day of continuing in his success and the person who has failed can hope to have victory when a new day dawns.



We live in a world where value to what one does is given way more than the person herself. We do things we love but sometimes the question arises, is it useful? according to today’s standards if it doesn’t look good on the resume its not worth doing. We re always trying to do stuff which will either add some value to our resume or make us popular in our circle. If the thing we do fails to garner some positive attention or appreciation from others we slowly stop doing it. It happened with me too,I learned playing the guitar a bit but then as i didn’t have an opportunity to play it outside my house slowly i stopped practising it and now i have stopped playing it altogether. I started this blog thinking that my thoughts would be read and appreciated but after  eight months i lost interest seeing no feedback. But why is it that we should do all things for the sake of appreciation from others, why don’t we do things because we love doing them and no other reason?

Acknowledgment from others about our work should be a factor motivating us,but it shouldn’t be the whole reason why we do it. We should liberate ourselves from the mindset of ” I HOPE THEY LIKE IT”,  we should do things purely because we love it. As we start working having a liberated mindset devoid of the worries about opinions people have, we will see that our work will get better not only that we would start loving life even more,worrying less about external rewards and enjoying the happiness produced on the inside…….


Not so perfect life,eh!

  • a light-hearted banter with friends
  • singing out aloud mindlessly
  • taking all kinds of weirdo selfies with tongue sticking out
  • mindless wandering in the streets
  • doing nothing all day but listen to our favorite songs and may be even dancing to it
  • not worrying about tomorrow but just enjoying the present with no plans waiting to be executed
  • playing with a cute little baby and making her laugh

We live in a world of perfection, we want all things to be prim proper and precise. we want the plans to turn out as expected. we live in the world where perfect selfies, number of likes to them,the number of followers in twitter or insta is very important. we see the successful and get inspired we see the popular people and try to imitate them,if not, then vouch for atleast half the popularity they have,i admit having feelings of unimportance sometimes as i dwell on the fact that may be i dont have as many likes i wanted or as many followers. trying hard and giving all we still lose sometimes or sometimes the success we have doesnt seem sufficient, we always want BIGGER, BETTER. well nothing wrong in it except that in this quest of bigger, better and perfect we sometimes lose the contentment we have. we turn kind of blind to all the good things we have for achieving the better ones.

we all have experienced or done the list i have mentioned above and have found happiness and freedom in it even though we weren’t doing something ‘important’. in such moments we realize that our life is not made just for achievements it is made for more! today as we look in media , all we can find is that we are often given such high standards to maintain that all almost all of us fall short of achieving it.

have a beautiful smile? well worry about the marks on your face!

you have done your degree? well the college you went wasnt the best!

you have the bestest budies in the world?hey they dont match up to the ones shown on tv or in movies!(coz they always seem to be in bestest avatars and always have money for weekend getaways and are the wittiest too :P)

thats how eveything around us discourages us.but we need to know that wherever we are we have the best life. We should learn to be content with our life and out of that contentment work hard,things will turn better but even through the process you we would have had joy and peace. we can never shun  the voices around us but we can definitely turn deaf ears to them,just as we did with our parents and teachers when we were being lectured 😉

so learn to live life not worrying about the likes and the followers or the standards of the media, all of us have this gift called life given by GOD not to walk through it frustratingly but enjoying every moment of it coz life gets better… if we are faithful in small things we have we would be trusted with the big things too.







In this wonderful Christmas season all we can think of is lovely weather (though not in Chennai),new clothes,cookies and cakes,visit from relatives,joy all over the place and the best,our gifts.

  Gifting is to show how much we love the other person, generally saying we buy more precious gifts for our family and closest friends…those who mean a lot to us and for whom we don’t mind spending a lot. That means we can easily decipher a person’s fondness for us based on the gift they give us or they amount of time they spend with us and for us.

 The bestest Christmas gift of all was gifted to us 2000 years ago. Isn’t it wonderful that the person whose birthday we celebrate is THE GIFT HIMSELF. ”For GOD so loved the world that HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON,so that whoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have an everlasting life.” 

We often think what our worth is,are we really worthy?Do we really matter? In this world of billions are we really important? The answer is a big YES. JESUS came for you and me. He gifted HIMSELF to us for our everlasting life.HE is the WAY,THE TRUTH AND LIFE. The way for salvation,redemption from our sins, abundant joy and happiness is in HIM.

So as we know JESUS himself is our gift we know for sure GOD values us a lot,more than anything…that He even sacrificed HIS ONLY SON for us.So in this joyful Christmas season let us all be reminded not only of gifting and getting gifts but also of THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL we received.God loves you crazily,He is waiting for you just to show you His love.




gods-unconditional-love         when i fail sometimes to do certain things i expect myself to do pretty easily……i just cant believe it!!!!!…….i think we all have such incidences every now and then,when we fail our own expectations. This morning as i was getting my scooty ready to go out i kinda messed up and ended hitting it to a wall. Well nothing happened on the outside what happened was i just couldn’t believe myself…i was frantic… I was boiling with anger at my inability to handle my own scooty!!!!! My mom was like, its alright you drive pretty well,it doesn’t happen all times right,so chill and let it go. But what i did for the next one hour was to dig out every imperfection i know i have and was analyzing myself in a pretty lousy way.

That’s when it hit me!!!! even though i read bible i think its truths hit me in a time i least expect them to. I analysed myself and fixed my worth on my ability or to be more correct, ‘my perceived ability to do things’. That’s when i realized that we ourselves don’t  give value to us…but knowing all our weaknesses and our shortcomings in a very crystal clear manner GOD still loves us and adores us. We are the apple of HIS eye..

So instead of whining at my shortcomings i thought i would just ponder on the fact that HE LOVES ME AND YOU TOO UNCONDITIONALLY… and nothing in this world or whatever you do is ever gonna make Him hate you….He trust me and has given me a responsibility. He very well knows that i would falter many times but as a patient father He overlooks everything i do and helps me in every step… and as Paul says when we are weak HE is strong… let us look unto our creator draw strength from Him in our weakness and be confident in every step of ours even when we falter that HE LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT..





   I always have this disease of comparing myself with others. I see a prettier girl and start thinking how bad looking i am or that person who is doing well in their job and think about my not so important or not so happening life,i envy the cooool people,the hot ones,i guess almost everyone. Don’t know about you but i fight envy like on a daily basis. A lot of people say envy comes because you are not self confident and happy with yourself and in your situation, you are not thankful…..all that is true…absolutely true.

           But i feel most importantly we envy because we don’t trust God, if we can trust HIM enough that we know whatever we have, wherever He has placed us,however we are created,its all His will.He wouldn’t have placed us where we are, if He wouldn’t have felt that we are best for the life we have,that we could take the pressures ,the sorrows ,the deficits that will come in our life.

So instead of complaining,comparing and feeling low and unworthy…we should take pride that the sovereign God has entitled some 80-100 years in our hands to live for Him and carry out His plans in us and in other’s life through us. We are here for a mission…. A GOD GIVEN MISSION. All of us are worth something in His eyes,HE gave His life for and has bought us with a price….



A lot of times in our life we just feel like that we aren’t good enough or that we don’t fit in with the cool people. I have the feeling a lot of times.Amidst all our inferiority we feel we have,the things we lack,we should always remember that we are MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, and He loves us abundantly. We might feel not absolutely accepted by anyone but we can rest assured in the love of God. The proof of His love He gave us on the cross where he died for us,bore the punishment we deserved, bore the guilt and the shame, so that we can have life eternal and have His righteousness.

Never look down upon yourself and others for that matter. God esteems you highly, He has given us all a particular gift, a particular life,while we may feel that our lives as compared to some others is not that good but always remember that God has given you that particular setting because he knows you can do your best there,HE TRUSTS YOU. What HE has entrusted you is important while it might not seem that way outwardly He knew you can do your best in what He has given you.

When we think of our lives this way and try to be content in it, we will find joy bubbling in our hearts out of our faith that our God has the perfect plans for us wherever,in whatever state we are in. Our failures, our weaknesses,our fears, all can be used by our God. There is nothing In your life which God cannot use for His Glory. He used the cross the most despicable punishment for the salvation of the world and today we honor it and see it as a symbol which shows OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST,OUR REDEMPTION THROUGH HIS SACRIFICE.

ALL THINGS( our failures,weaknesses,fears,embarrassments….everything) WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD,FOR THOSE WHOSE WHO BELIEVE IN CHRIST.(romans 8:28)


Ever felt like what you are doing is because you are afraid of what others may think if you do it differently? We all feel at least once in our lives that what we are doing or saying or wearing or even sometimes thinking is because we don’t want to offend others around us. By all means we should try to be at peace with people but what if the diplomacy you are showing,the adjustments you are making is just making people think that you would oblige to whatever they say and that they kinda have a right to tell you what you should do according to them. It happened with me, i am generally a person who does not let others determine what i should do, i always try to do things i am comfortable doing and as long as i am ok with it i don’t mind what others would say. Recently i noticed that these days others are actually coming up to me saying my hairstyle is not good (in their opinion) and tell me to change it or they themselves try to do it! Its just one small thing, i noticed changes in the way i dress, accessorize, even think! I kept hearing my friends about how they think one should dress, if even a bit deviation is found they tag the person ‘not so good character’. I slowly started accepting their opinion as my own, but thank God i soon realized my folly.

Don’t let people dictate you, do according to what your conscience says is right. Well what i am saying is not to rebel and do not so right things just because you think it’s alright. What i am saying is don’t lose yourselves in the crowd. Every one is unique, even our fingerprints are different. God has given each one of us a unique life, talents,personality and a unique plan. Don’t lose yourself in this age of herd mentality and blind following.

If you like singing let no one stop you from doing it, if your dream is to be painter, a writer do it don’t let the world stop you. If you are a strong believer of God don’t let those who don’t believe in Him tell you HE doesn’t exist. If you want to be different don’t look around and feel that being different might isolate you,In fact all the leaders today we have is because they chose to follow their heart and work hard for it.I am a life science student but my passion is psychology, after joining this course i discovered what i really wanted to do, so now i am determined that my post graduation and my research will be in psychology. I have heard people tell me that that they think its a foolish decision and i better continue in the field i am in, That i must have decided before i joined the course. I know that i made a mistake, but just because i made one doesn’t imply that i should repeat  it my whole lifetime by continuing in the field i don’t have my heart in. If you have something in your heart you might have done something else and might be regretting it but always remember ”THERE ARE ALWAYS SECOND OR EVEN THIRD CHANCES”.

If we always live in the fear of what others may think, which they will irrespective of what you do, you might never live the life you wanted, so stop minding them. Its not them who is going to your life, you are going to live your life and fulfill the plan God has for you and live the dream He has placed in your heart, go for it, dont you mind them coz tomorrow when you succeed they will mind you. It written in bible that one must guard her/his heart as it is the wellspring of life, so guard your heart, do what God has placed in it. And i pray as Jesus has promised that HE WILL GIVE US PEACE, NOT A PEACE AS THE WORLD GIVES  which is mostly not so deep and true, but A PEACE WHICH MAKES YOU CONFIDENT AND FEARLESS(john 14:27)