Too afraid


Today my 14 year old baby sister wrote a short story and sent it to me on whatsapp. I read it and I seriously didn’t think it was her work until I asked her repeatedly. I was simply amazed by the talent she has, I never thought my sister was into writing stories. It was me who always wanted to become a writer but its just a dormant dream,which I don’t see coming to life any time soon. I felt awed and even ashamed in the way I never try anything and am always expecting failure and not success.

This prompted me to write, I think we all have that one thing,that one dream,that one idea which we think is too unreal or something we won’t be able to do, be it because we don’t have time or most importantly initiative. At least i am someone who is too afraid to start something.

What if no one sees what I write, what if  people don’t like it. There are so many people who write these days,will my words be of any value? This question always stops me from writing or doing any other creative thing because I think that there are many people already doing it and that my work won’t make any difference.

Today after seeing my sister attempt to write for the first time I just felt that all these years I just doubted myself unnecessarily. I am not someone who opens up easily or who jumps into something easily but seeing my sister I realised that I need not be liked by everyone or noticed by everyone, even a single person who reads what I wrote and is inspired by it will do,even if its just my dad or mom.

If you are reading this its my request that if you liked what you read please do something which you have been holding back for long and do tell me about it.


via Daily Prompt: Opaque

Opaque means something through which light cannot pass through,it doesn’t allow the rays to pierce through it. oftentimes our hearts and minds become opaque to the rays of hope,correction and advice,  love to pierce through us.

A depressed soul is the one which has turned opaque to love,hope and positivity around it. Every one of us has experienced rut,a feeling of being stuck in a routine in our lives. We feel that there is no way of a change to occur, soon we accept this routine as a norm and after a few years realize that all our life could have been different if only we were more transparent. There are rays of hope,inspiration all around us, only those who let them pass through change their lives and move into higher dimensions. If we keep our heart closed,opaque to all the love,life,inspiration which is falling on it,we will slowly experience our interest in life wilting away and soon becoming dead.

The prompts of daily post were always there i used to receive the email notification everyday,but i never let it pass through my mind and never wrote a post. But then today as i saw this prompt,it made me realize the condition of my mind. I always admired bloggers with thousands of followers,they seem to have so much creativity and passion. The thing is we all have seeds of greatness in us, if only we let the rays to pass through,if only we respond to the love,the inspiration,that crazy idea, will we see our life blossom and our dreams come true. Remove the opacity of your heart and see how the rays flood your heart and bring in a new sunshine in your life.

Be more receptive to that person whom you love but you don’t give time to,mostly its either your mom or your spouse. Be more open to be corrected by well meaning people around, it will make you a better person. Be more accepting of the compliments you receive,don’t let the self doubt form an opaque covering on your heart. When you let the light to shine through you will begin to shine.


Opaque is something which doesn’t allow light to pass through it. It blocks the rays from piercing it. That’s how sometimes our minds and lives become. We don’t allow the light of hope,the light of correction and advice pierce through our hearts and stay in the dark wondering when it will end.

Everyone at some point experiences a routine in their life,nothing new seems to happen,everything seems dreary,we drag ourselves through the day
wondering when there will be a ray of change shining on us,but do we realize that the rays of opportunity,change,adventure are shining all around us and on us but often we turn so blind to them or we shut our minds so tightly that these rays cannot pierce through our opaque minds.

Opacity is very important in certain things for example you don’t want the walls of your house to be transparent or your clothes. The walls and others protect your privacy and provide warmth,but the opacity of mind and heart,the opacity of your feelings from your loved ones curbs you from enjoying the life to its fullest. So let us be more easy going,more receptive to the inspiration we have all around us,let us be more receptive to what our loved ones feel or say. This kind of transparency will enrich our lives and take it to the next level of fulfilment and joy.

Peace with ourselves

Can we really say that we are at peace with ourselves. That is the question that occurred to me as I was mindlessly scrolling through my instagram feed. Every day we are bombarded with so many pictures,perfect pictures of people we know or don’t know, smiling,in their best outfits,at the best locations,with the best people. It seems like people are having a party even when at work!
We look for inspiration outside ourselves,the other day I read an article where a guy said that these days all the girls looked the same with the same kind of makeup and clothes and that every guy now had a beard and even guys are dressing in a particular way which is thought as more in thing. If everyone is the same where do we look for inspiration. We all want to be different, we all want to be recognized,be popular,be respected for our uniqueness and talents. But isn’t it an irony that in an attempt of being unique we follow trends of the day and becoming copies of each other!
First of all we should realize that to be happy and content we need  not follow trends and be the ‘it’ girl or man,for happiness we need to be ourselves and in peace with ourselves. In this age of internet,social media and an age where everyone is ready to criticize,analyse and judge one another we are seldom at peace with ourselves,because we are not satisfied with the way we look or the place we work or the people we know,the city we live in and so on. We always want to be like somebody else but better! Work in the same place as that cool person works but be cooler! We want the same type of admiration our pretty friends get but a bit more than they recieve! We are forgetting that looking for happiness and inspiration and contentment external sources are a temporary solution. What we do need is acceptance,our own acceptance for ourselves, we don’t accept the way we look or the place we work at or the way our relationships are. We don’t accept our talents or the gifts we have only because we want things someone else has.
That’s where we lose our peace and our frantic search for it starts and we look for it at all places except one that is inside us. Once we can really accept ourselves,appreciate ourselves,accept the way we are and embrace our identity,our God given purpose and identity we will soon realize that we need not be in constant comparison with others because we have our own unique path to tread,well that’s what makes each one of us unique. Psychology says that even identical twins who are genetically same are different in their thoughts and personality. That’s something,they come from the same fertilized egg have the same fingerprint and DNA fingerprint but even they have different personalities. That tells us one thing we all are unique some people say it in a sarcastic way that we are unique just like everybody. But that’s true,nobody can take your place,nobody can be an exact replacement to you,nobody can live the life you have the way you do. This is sufficient for us to believe and understand that we need not fit in,we need not hang on external factors to feel wanted and admired. The God who breathed His life in you has already made you special and equipped you with everything you need to live a content,happy,successful life,this thought will give you the inner peace you need and it will help you be at peace with yourself.

What a hair cut taught me


Today I went for a haircut,it had been a year after which i stepped for a new look again. I actually was expecting my long locks which seemed to start growing now would not be chopped too short,alas before i could realise my hair length was cut to half. I was happy with my new bouncy hair but as i reached home all my happiness was gone. Both my mom and sis thought that i had ruined my locks completely and dad just had an angry expression. I suddenly started feeling sad and remorseful,i started cursing my decision to cut my hair,i didn’t know what to do. That’s when i remembered that i need not feel sad for such a  small thing as a haircut. My hair will grow back and till that time i can just sit back and enjoy my short hair in this sultry climate of Chennai.

Isn’t it same with all of us. It might not be a haircut for you but a missed opportunity,an unexpected disappointment, a broken relationship. We know we will be fine and that good things will come but as soon as we meet other people,even our loved ones it is reinforced that you just missed that ticket to happiness.At that moment we take it to heart and start falling into the dark pit of remorse,regret and sadness. But step back take a moment to ponder over the situation,don’t let that flicker of hope die just because of what other people say.

All we need in our life is happiness and contentment,sometimes people might not agree with your idea of perfection and happiness but that should not deter you from enjoying the beautiful life God has given you. If you have a clear conscience and are enjoying the place where you are then just be there,do what you like. All this doesn’t mean you have a licence to hurt others,just explain the people important to you that you are happy with that decision you made,the person you chose,the place you are in,and they will definitely understand.

have a blessed and happy life 🙂



Each one of us has a desire to be different from the crowd,to stand out,to be noticed for something special in us, and all of us do have  unique traits which do make us special. Some may notice those traits in themselves quickly,while for some others it takes time.  God has so created us that no human  ever created in history or to be ever created in future is going to be exactly like us. There are no two individuals who have exactly the same DNA except the identical twins but even they have some differences in traits in them.

So if we are already created uniquely why is it that we still struggle to find a ground to stand firmly on? It’s because we don’t realize our uniqueness,it’s not God who sees us one in the crowd its us who don’t think of ourselves as unique and special. 

We are not one in thousands or lakhs,we are one in 7.4 billion, that’s the population of this world currently. Our standing does not change,our speciality is not diluted when there are more number of people around us who seem to be equally or even more talented or better than us, our uniqueness remains the same, because our GOD is a GOD who always creates novelty.

Today as you go through the motions of the life and feel as if its all the same you are no different and are just a face in the crowd, remember you are the unique masterpiece of GOD. To stand out in the crowd,all you need to do is embrace the truth about you being a favourite of GOD (each one of you is,coz there is only one  you). Don’t work to be different,work from this standing point that you are different and special, a limited edition coz there is no one like you.


when time flies by and you don’t know how

net waste                                                              I am a college student who loves reading,coffee,lipsticks,chocolates and even studies and i have found that i love or at least i am unintentionally doing this one thing almost all the time and that is being distracted by my thoughts,the Facebook,instagram feed and random net browsing too. Its hours before i realise that time has gone by and all i have done is deciding to do something important and end up whiling away my time reading random,useless articles online which are not even relevant to my life. for eg the other day i wanted to just spend some 10 minutes on FB and instead at the end of one and a half hours i realised i was reading an article on Kim Kardashian’s life,for a moment i thought, ‘omg! i don’t remember how i ended up reading this article!’ i am indian and i dont follow any of the hollywood people or socialites of the western world,but still i found myself reading about someone i didn’t care about.

We live in a world where every information we require is just a click away or should i say just a tap on the phone away. Our generation is an information hungry generation. We are constantly looking up for something on the internet even though we don’t need to. My mom complains every single day that i spend too much time with that horrible gadget(my smartphone),and threatens to throw it away (oh man!what would i do). But after her countless appeals and scoldings i have realised that she is right,a moment of revelation you know,when i realised that i am getting more and more distractrd because i have too much information in hand. We do not filter what we read and see or like these days, we simply go with the wave internet has created.

How many times have i read articles on gossip about the famous people,their lifestyle,useless secrets about tv shows i don’t even watch,the articles about whats the new trend in fashion and make up even though i hardly follow any of it. People have started keeping food diary these days to control what they eat,coz no one would like to admit that they ate a large piece of chocolate cake and gulped three cups of super strong coffee,that’s me :),so they avoid eating the food altogether.

So i think we all need to keep a diary for the information we let into our minds.Isaac Newton,the great inventor said that we require our bodies just to carry our brains. He placed such a profound importance on our mind but what we do these days is take care of the vehicle that’s carrying the brain and forget the brain itself. We all are concerned about what goes into our stomach,people like me don’t even do that,yet something more important than that would be to keep a watch on what goes into our head. This will not only keep our head clutter free but will save our time as well,and time folks is the most precious commodity,no body has the luxury of having it infinitely.

God has given us such a privilege to live in a time like this where everything has become so easy and quick,but let us just take some thought and utilize our free time in doing,reading something constructive rather than gushing on a celebrity’s love life or look or that new fad which is filling the markets. Because down the years a celebrity’s lifestyle won’t help you take wise decisions but reading God’s word,building strong relationships and doing all that important things for which we never seem to have time would.

life changes!yup it does without telling us!!

There are so many changes which take place around us and each day in us,while we may pay attention to some of these changes,we mostly miss a lot of them.We often wonder how that great friendship which we cherished so much changed into just a compulsion to be nice,the love,the respect is gone. The thing which you were crazy about some time back doesn’t seem important now,in fact you don’t know why you liked it in the first place.We think that all of a sudden we have changed or maybe our circumstances or people have changed,but the thing is nothing happens suddenly,it takes place gradually and comes into our notice only when it becomes so big that we cant avoid it.

so what do we do?

While some changes are pleasant,like when you discover that you lost that flab you were fighting for so long, or that you have mastered that skill which you were trying to learn so passionately,or finally the person you were hoping to be with is finally with you.There are some changes which shock us,give us pain and most often leave us in a place where we don’t know what to do. We must first understand that in life nothing will remain same,sometimes its us who has changed and sometimes its others,nothing is constant. But in this constantly changing world we have an anchor to whom we can firmly attach ourselves and come what may we can be sure that the one we trust HE WILL NOT CHANGE.

I am talking about Lord is written in the bible that Jesus is same yesterday,today and forever. I read this verse a zillion times but i used to think what is the use of that scripture,its obvious someone as great as God shouldn’t change, but it dawned on me that it is written for us to realize that when we think that nothing is forever,even diamonds are not for ever you know! there is someone who doesn’t change even when we do,His love for us never changes,even when we change. We need a support to fall back on when we have tough times going on,that support is Jesus,He will be always there for us,to support us,to bring us back on our feet.

All we need is not trust and confidence on ourselves but trust and confidence on the ONE WHO NEVER CHANGES.

Shaking off fear

do not be afraid

Fear is a common feeling,we all experience it not once but multiple times in our life.Same with me i have fear about my future.

”what if plan A fails?”

“will plan B be good enough?”

“will I ever succeed?”

Every day we battle multiple things in our lives. Not only our fears but also stressful situations,difficult people,an unexpected bad news,some dream being shattered. Happens to all of us,in all these things sometimes I just become fearful and i don’t want to meet those ‘difficult ‘people or I dont want to plan a thing which might fail,I don’t even watch tv serials in fear of seeing the protagonist fail!!! While planning something big ,I fear that it might end in not so pleasing way.

I feared the bad things which have not even happened yet,then it suddenly dawned on me that there is no cause of being fearful. I have seen tough situations before and got out of them pretty well,Ifought where I needed to and won the fight. As you can see the picture on the top, there are many promises and commands in The Bible which start with,’do not be afraid.’ What does it mean,does it mean we wont have fearful situations? life will be easy peasy and pleasant all the time? NO!!! it means that as each day we fight our fears and our battles we need not be afraid,because our God has everything in control. even if we experience failure,our dreams and plans being shattered,the situation becoming tougher than ever,we can still believe that God is with us and with this confidence we can face tomorrow. Never in the past did Ihave the peace and confidence i have now that GOD IS IN CONTROL, we should just do our best and leave the rest to HIM. so what if my dream gets broken, i can still trust HIM that one door has been closed so that I could enter into a door which opens into a better world. Fear can hold us until the point we let it control us and until we try to be our own gods trying to control everything, but once we submit our lives into the hands of our God we can be assured that our lives will be great,may not be exactly in the way we wanted,but definitely in a better way.



Hope is the force which keeps us going through our most difficult times of our is that power which enables us never to give up on a dream,a loved one. It enables us to see the silver lining under every dark,thick cloud of the fiery storms we face.

For it is hope which helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is life. We can’t live without hope. Everyday we have  a new  hope,hope of achieving something or of meeting someone or just living the day through when everything seems tough. Hope is our impetus to expect good.

Hope for me is that important as much as the air we breathe because without it we won’t be able to move forward. Every successful person hopes every day of continuing in his success and the person who has failed can hope to have victory when a new day dawns.