Too afraid


Today my 14 year old baby sister wrote a short story and sent it to me on whatsapp. I read it and I seriously didn’t think it was her work until I asked her repeatedly. I was simply amazed by the talent she has, I never thought my sister was into writing stories. It was me who always wanted to become a writer but its just a dormant dream,which I don’t see coming to life any time soon. I felt awed and even ashamed in the way I never try anything and am always expecting failure and not success.

This prompted me to write, I think we all have that one thing,that one dream,that one idea which we think is too unreal or something we won’t be able to do, be it because we don’t have time or most importantly initiative. At least i am someone who is too afraid to start something.

What if no one sees what I write, what if  people don’t like it. There are so many people who write these days,will my words be of any value? This question always stops me from writing or doing any other creative thing because I think that there are many people already doing it and that my work won’t make any difference.

Today after seeing my sister attempt to write for the first time I just felt that all these years I just doubted myself unnecessarily. I am not someone who opens up easily or who jumps into something easily but seeing my sister I realised that I need not be liked by everyone or noticed by everyone, even a single person who reads what I wrote and is inspired by it will do,even if its just my dad or mom.

If you are reading this its my request that if you liked what you read please do something which you have been holding back for long and do tell me about it.


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