Peace with ourselves

Can we really say that we are at peace with ourselves. That is the question that occurred to me as I was mindlessly scrolling through my instagram feed. Every day we are bombarded with so many pictures,perfect pictures of people we know or don’t know, smiling,in their best outfits,at the best locations,with the best people. It seems like people are having a party even when at work!
We look for inspiration outside ourselves,the other day I read an article where a guy said that these days all the girls looked the same with the same kind of makeup and clothes and that every guy now had a beard and even guys are dressing in a particular way which is thought as more in thing. If everyone is the same where do we look for inspiration. We all want to be different, we all want to be recognized,be popular,be respected for our uniqueness and talents. But isn’t it an irony that in an attempt of being unique we follow trends of the day and becoming copies of each other!
First of all we should realize that to be happy and content we need  not follow trends and be the ‘it’ girl or man,for happiness we need to be ourselves and in peace with ourselves. In this age of internet,social media and an age where everyone is ready to criticize,analyse and judge one another we are seldom at peace with ourselves,because we are not satisfied with the way we look or the place we work or the people we know,the city we live in and so on. We always want to be like somebody else but better! Work in the same place as that cool person works but be cooler! We want the same type of admiration our pretty friends get but a bit more than they recieve! We are forgetting that looking for happiness and inspiration and contentment external sources are a temporary solution. What we do need is acceptance,our own acceptance for ourselves, we don’t accept the way we look or the place we work at or the way our relationships are. We don’t accept our talents or the gifts we have only because we want things someone else has.
That’s where we lose our peace and our frantic search for it starts and we look for it at all places except one that is inside us. Once we can really accept ourselves,appreciate ourselves,accept the way we are and embrace our identity,our God given purpose and identity we will soon realize that we need not be in constant comparison with others because we have our own unique path to tread,well that’s what makes each one of us unique. Psychology says that even identical twins who are genetically same are different in their thoughts and personality. That’s something,they come from the same fertilized egg have the same fingerprint and DNA fingerprint but even they have different personalities. That tells us one thing we all are unique some people say it in a sarcastic way that we are unique just like everybody. But that’s true,nobody can take your place,nobody can be an exact replacement to you,nobody can live the life you have the way you do. This is sufficient for us to believe and understand that we need not fit in,we need not hang on external factors to feel wanted and admired. The God who breathed His life in you has already made you special and equipped you with everything you need to live a content,happy,successful life,this thought will give you the inner peace you need and it will help you be at peace with yourself.


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