Opaque is something which doesn’t allow light to pass through it. It blocks the rays from piercing it. That’s how sometimes our minds and lives become. We don’t allow the light of hope,the light of correction and advice pierce through our hearts and stay in the dark wondering when it will end.

Everyone at some point experiences a routine in their life,nothing new seems to happen,everything seems dreary,we drag ourselves through the day
wondering when there will be a ray of change shining on us,but do we realize that the rays of opportunity,change,adventure are shining all around us and on us but often we turn so blind to them or we shut our minds so tightly that these rays cannot pierce through our opaque minds.

Opacity is very important in certain things for example you don’t want the walls of your house to be transparent or your clothes. The walls and others protect your privacy and provide warmth,but the opacity of mind and heart,the opacity of your feelings from your loved ones curbs you from enjoying the life to its fullest. So let us be more easy going,more receptive to the inspiration we have all around us,let us be more receptive to what our loved ones feel or say. This kind of transparency will enrich our lives and take it to the next level of fulfilment and joy.


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