via Daily Prompt: Opaque

Opaque means something through which light cannot pass through,it doesn’t allow the rays to pierce through it. oftentimes our hearts and minds become opaque to the rays of hope,correction and advice,  love to pierce through us.

A depressed soul is the one which has turned opaque to love,hope and positivity around it. Every one of us has experienced rut,a feeling of being stuck in a routine in our lives. We feel that there is no way of a change to occur, soon we accept this routine as a norm and after a few years realize that all our life could have been different if only we were more transparent. There are rays of hope,inspiration all around us, only those who let them pass through change their lives and move into higher dimensions. If we keep our heart closed,opaque to all the love,life,inspiration which is falling on it,we will slowly experience our interest in life wilting away and soon becoming dead.

The prompts of daily post were always there i used to receive the email notification everyday,but i never let it pass through my mind and never wrote a post. But then today as i saw this prompt,it made me realize the condition of my mind. I always admired bloggers with thousands of followers,they seem to have so much creativity and passion. The thing is we all have seeds of greatness in us, if only we let the rays to pass through,if only we respond to the love,the inspiration,that crazy idea, will we see our life blossom and our dreams come true. Remove the opacity of your heart and see how the rays flood your heart and bring in a new sunshine in your life.

Be more receptive to that person whom you love but you don’t give time to,mostly its either your mom or your spouse. Be more open to be corrected by well meaning people around, it will make you a better person. Be more accepting of the compliments you receive,don’t let the self doubt form an opaque covering on your heart. When you let the light to shine through you will begin to shine.


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