What a hair cut taught me


Today I went for a haircut,it had been a year after which i stepped for a new look again. I actually was expecting my long locks which seemed to start growing now would not be chopped too short,alas before i could realise my hair length was cut to half. I was happy with my new bouncy hair but as i reached home all my happiness was gone. Both my mom and sis thought that i had ruined my locks completely and dad just had an angry expression. I suddenly started feeling sad and remorseful,i started cursing my decision to cut my hair,i didn’t know what to do. That’s when i remembered that i need not feel sad for such a  small thing as a haircut. My hair will grow back and till that time i can just sit back and enjoy my short hair in this sultry climate of Chennai.

Isn’t it same with all of us. It might not be a haircut for you but a missed opportunity,an unexpected disappointment, a broken relationship. We know we will be fine and that good things will come but as soon as we meet other people,even our loved ones it is reinforced that you just missed that ticket to happiness.At that moment we take it to heart and start falling into the dark pit of remorse,regret and sadness. But step back take a moment to ponder over the situation,don’t let that flicker of hope die just because of what other people say.

All we need in our life is happiness and contentment,sometimes people might not agree with your idea of perfection and happiness but that should not deter you from enjoying the beautiful life God has given you. If you have a clear conscience and are enjoying the place where you are then just be there,do what you like. All this doesn’t mean you have a licence to hurt others,just explain the people important to you that you are happy with that decision you made,the person you chose,the place you are in,and they will definitely understand.

have a blessed and happy life 🙂



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