Each one of us has a desire to be different from the crowd,to stand out,to be noticed for something special in us, and all of us do have  unique traits which do make us special. Some may notice those traits in themselves quickly,while for some others it takes time.  God has so created us that no human  ever created in history or to be ever created in future is going to be exactly like us. There are no two individuals who have exactly the same DNA except the identical twins but even they have some differences in traits in them.

So if we are already created uniquely why is it that we still struggle to find a ground to stand firmly on? It’s because we don’t realize our uniqueness,it’s not God who sees us one in the crowd its us who don’t think of ourselves as unique and special. 

We are not one in thousands or lakhs,we are one in 7.4 billion, that’s the population of this world currently. Our standing does not change,our speciality is not diluted when there are more number of people around us who seem to be equally or even more talented or better than us, our uniqueness remains the same, because our GOD is a GOD who always creates novelty.

Today as you go through the motions of the life and feel as if its all the same you are no different and are just a face in the crowd, remember you are the unique masterpiece of GOD. To stand out in the crowd,all you need to do is embrace the truth about you being a favourite of GOD (each one of you is,coz there is only one  you). Don’t work to be different,work from this standing point that you are different and special, a limited edition coz there is no one like you.



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