when time flies by and you don’t know how

net waste                                                              I am a college student who loves reading,coffee,lipsticks,chocolates and even studies and i have found that i love or at least i am unintentionally doing this one thing almost all the time and that is being distracted by my thoughts,the Facebook,instagram feed and random net browsing too. Its hours before i realise that time has gone by and all i have done is deciding to do something important and end up whiling away my time reading random,useless articles online which are not even relevant to my life. for eg the other day i wanted to just spend some 10 minutes on FB and instead at the end of one and a half hours i realised i was reading an article on Kim Kardashian’s life,for a moment i thought, ‘omg! i don’t remember how i ended up reading this article!’ i am indian and i dont follow any of the hollywood people or socialites of the western world,but still i found myself reading about someone i didn’t care about.

We live in a world where every information we require is just a click away or should i say just a tap on the phone away. Our generation is an information hungry generation. We are constantly looking up for something on the internet even though we don’t need to. My mom complains every single day that i spend too much time with that horrible gadget(my smartphone),and threatens to throw it away (oh man!what would i do). But after her countless appeals and scoldings i have realised that she is right,a moment of revelation you know,when i realised that i am getting more and more distractrd because i have too much information in hand. We do not filter what we read and see or like these days, we simply go with the wave internet has created.

How many times have i read articles on gossip about the famous people,their lifestyle,useless secrets about tv shows i don’t even watch,the articles about whats the new trend in fashion and make up even though i hardly follow any of it. People have started keeping food diary these days to control what they eat,coz no one would like to admit that they ate a large piece of chocolate cake and gulped three cups of super strong coffee,that’s me :),so they avoid eating the food altogether.

So i think we all need to keep a diary for the information we let into our minds.Isaac Newton,the great inventor said that we require our bodies just to carry our brains. He placed such a profound importance on our mind but what we do these days is take care of the vehicle that’s carrying the brain and forget the brain itself. We all are concerned about what goes into our stomach,people like me don’t even do that,yet something more important than that would be to keep a watch on what goes into our head. This will not only keep our head clutter free but will save our time as well,and time folks is the most precious commodity,no body has the luxury of having it infinitely.

God has given us such a privilege to live in a time like this where everything has become so easy and quick,but let us just take some thought and utilize our free time in doing,reading something constructive rather than gushing on a celebrity’s love life or look or that new fad which is filling the markets. Because down the years a celebrity’s lifestyle won’t help you take wise decisions but reading God’s word,building strong relationships and doing all that important things for which we never seem to have time would.


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