life changes!yup it does without telling us!!

There are so many changes which take place around us and each day in us,while we may pay attention to some of these changes,we mostly miss a lot of them.We often wonder how that great friendship which we cherished so much changed into just a compulsion to be nice,the love,the respect is gone. The thing which you were crazy about some time back doesn’t seem important now,in fact you don’t know why you liked it in the first place.We think that all of a sudden we have changed or maybe our circumstances or people have changed,but the thing is nothing happens suddenly,it takes place gradually and comes into our notice only when it becomes so big that we cant avoid it.

so what do we do?

While some changes are pleasant,like when you discover that you lost that flab you were fighting for so long, or that you have mastered that skill which you were trying to learn so passionately,or finally the person you were hoping to be with is finally with you.There are some changes which shock us,give us pain and most often leave us in a place where we don’t know what to do. We must first understand that in life nothing will remain same,sometimes its us who has changed and sometimes its others,nothing is constant. But in this constantly changing world we have an anchor to whom we can firmly attach ourselves and come what may we can be sure that the one we trust HE WILL NOT CHANGE.

I am talking about Lord is written in the bible that Jesus is same yesterday,today and forever. I read this verse a zillion times but i used to think what is the use of that scripture,its obvious someone as great as God shouldn’t change, but it dawned on me that it is written for us to realize that when we think that nothing is forever,even diamonds are not for ever you know! there is someone who doesn’t change even when we do,His love for us never changes,even when we change. We need a support to fall back on when we have tough times going on,that support is Jesus,He will be always there for us,to support us,to bring us back on our feet.

All we need is not trust and confidence on ourselves but trust and confidence on the ONE WHO NEVER CHANGES.


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