Shaking off fear

do not be afraid

Fear is a common feeling,we all experience it not once but multiple times in our life.Same with me i have fear about my future.

”what if plan A fails?”

“will plan B be good enough?”

“will I ever succeed?”

Every day we battle multiple things in our lives. Not only our fears but also stressful situations,difficult people,an unexpected bad news,some dream being shattered. Happens to all of us,in all these things sometimes I just become fearful and i don’t want to meet those ‘difficult ‘people or I dont want to plan a thing which might fail,I don’t even watch tv serials in fear of seeing the protagonist fail!!! While planning something big ,I fear that it might end in not so pleasing way.

I feared the bad things which have not even happened yet,then it suddenly dawned on me that there is no cause of being fearful. I have seen tough situations before and got out of them pretty well,Ifought where I needed to and won the fight. As you can see the picture on the top, there are many promises and commands in The Bible which start with,’do not be afraid.’ What does it mean,does it mean we wont have fearful situations? life will be easy peasy and pleasant all the time? NO!!! it means that as each day we fight our fears and our battles we need not be afraid,because our God has everything in control. even if we experience failure,our dreams and plans being shattered,the situation becoming tougher than ever,we can still believe that God is with us and with this confidence we can face tomorrow. Never in the past did Ihave the peace and confidence i have now that GOD IS IN CONTROL, we should just do our best and leave the rest to HIM. so what if my dream gets broken, i can still trust HIM that one door has been closed so that I could enter into a door which opens into a better world. Fear can hold us until the point we let it control us and until we try to be our own gods trying to control everything, but once we submit our lives into the hands of our God we can be assured that our lives will be great,may not be exactly in the way we wanted,but definitely in a better way.


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