Not so perfect life,eh!

  • a light-hearted banter with friends
  • singing out aloud mindlessly
  • taking all kinds of weirdo selfies with tongue sticking out
  • mindless wandering in the streets
  • doing nothing all day but listen to our favorite songs and may be even dancing to it
  • not worrying about tomorrow but just enjoying the present with no plans waiting to be executed
  • playing with a cute little baby and making her laugh

We live in a world of perfection, we want all things to be prim proper and precise. we want the plans to turn out as expected. we live in the world where perfect selfies, number of likes to them,the number of followers in twitter or insta is very important. we see the successful and get inspired we see the popular people and try to imitate them,if not, then vouch for atleast half the popularity they have,i admit having feelings of unimportance sometimes as i dwell on the fact that may be i dont have as many likes i wanted or as many followers. trying hard and giving all we still lose sometimes or sometimes the success we have doesnt seem sufficient, we always want BIGGER, BETTER. well nothing wrong in it except that in this quest of bigger, better and perfect we sometimes lose the contentment we have. we turn kind of blind to all the good things we have for achieving the better ones.

we all have experienced or done the list i have mentioned above and have found happiness and freedom in it even though we weren’t doing something ‘important’. in such moments we realize that our life is not made just for achievements it is made for more! today as we look in media , all we can find is that we are often given such high standards to maintain that all almost all of us fall short of achieving it.

have a beautiful smile? well worry about the marks on your face!

you have done your degree? well the college you went wasnt the best!

you have the bestest budies in the world?hey they dont match up to the ones shown on tv or in movies!(coz they always seem to be in bestest avatars and always have money for weekend getaways and are the wittiest too :P)

thats how eveything around us discourages us.but we need to know that wherever we are we have the best life. We should learn to be content with our life and out of that contentment work hard,things will turn better but even through the process you we would have had joy and peace. we can never shun  the voices around us but we can definitely turn deaf ears to them,just as we did with our parents and teachers when we were being lectured 😉

so learn to live life not worrying about the likes and the followers or the standards of the media, all of us have this gift called life given by GOD not to walk through it frustratingly but enjoying every moment of it coz life gets better… if we are faithful in small things we have we would be trusted with the big things too.






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