In this wonderful Christmas season all we can think of is lovely weather (though not in Chennai),new clothes,cookies and cakes,visit from relatives,joy all over the place and the best,our gifts.

  Gifting is to show how much we love the other person, generally saying we buy more precious gifts for our family and closest friends…those who mean a lot to us and for whom we don’t mind spending a lot. That means we can easily decipher a person’s fondness for us based on the gift they give us or they amount of time they spend with us and for us.

 The bestest Christmas gift of all was gifted to us 2000 years ago. Isn’t it wonderful that the person whose birthday we celebrate is THE GIFT HIMSELF. ”For GOD so loved the world that HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON,so that whoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have an everlasting life.” 

We often think what our worth is,are we really worthy?Do we really matter? In this world of billions are we really important? The answer is a big YES. JESUS came for you and me. He gifted HIMSELF to us for our everlasting life.HE is the WAY,THE TRUTH AND LIFE. The way for salvation,redemption from our sins, abundant joy and happiness is in HIM.

So as we know JESUS himself is our gift we know for sure GOD values us a lot,more than anything…that He even sacrificed HIS ONLY SON for us.So in this joyful Christmas season let us all be reminded not only of gifting and getting gifts but also of THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL we received.God loves you crazily,He is waiting for you just to show you His love.





gods-unconditional-love         when i fail sometimes to do certain things i expect myself to do pretty easily……i just cant believe it!!!!!…….i think we all have such incidences every now and then,when we fail our own expectations. This morning as i was getting my scooty ready to go out i kinda messed up and ended hitting it to a wall. Well nothing happened on the outside what happened was i just couldn’t believe myself…i was frantic… I was boiling with anger at my inability to handle my own scooty!!!!! My mom was like, its alright you drive pretty well,it doesn’t happen all times right,so chill and let it go. But what i did for the next one hour was to dig out every imperfection i know i have and was analyzing myself in a pretty lousy way.

That’s when it hit me!!!! even though i read bible i think its truths hit me in a time i least expect them to. I analysed myself and fixed my worth on my ability or to be more correct, ‘my perceived ability to do things’. That’s when i realized that we ourselves don’t  give value to us…but knowing all our weaknesses and our shortcomings in a very crystal clear manner GOD still loves us and adores us. We are the apple of HIS eye..

So instead of whining at my shortcomings i thought i would just ponder on the fact that HE LOVES ME AND YOU TOO UNCONDITIONALLY… and nothing in this world or whatever you do is ever gonna make Him hate you….He trust me and has given me a responsibility. He very well knows that i would falter many times but as a patient father He overlooks everything i do and helps me in every step… and as Paul says when we are weak HE is strong… let us look unto our creator draw strength from Him in our weakness and be confident in every step of ours even when we falter that HE LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT..