I always have this disease of comparing myself with others. I see a prettier girl and start thinking how bad looking i am or that person who is doing well in their job and think about my not so important or not so happening life,i envy the cooool people,the hot ones,i guess almost everyone. Don’t know about you but i fight envy like on a daily basis. A lot of people say envy comes because you are not self confident and happy with yourself and in your situation, you are not thankful…..all that is true…absolutely true.

           But i feel most importantly we envy because we don’t trust God, if we can trust HIM enough that we know whatever we have, wherever He has placed us,however we are created,its all His will.He wouldn’t have placed us where we are, if He wouldn’t have felt that we are best for the life we have,that we could take the pressures ,the sorrows ,the deficits that will come in our life.

So instead of complaining,comparing and feeling low and unworthy…we should take pride that the sovereign God has entitled some 80-100 years in our hands to live for Him and carry out His plans in us and in other’s life through us. We are here for a mission…. A GOD GIVEN MISSION. All of us are worth something in His eyes,HE gave His life for and has bought us with a price….


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