A lot of times in our life we just feel like that we aren’t good enough or that we don’t fit in with the cool people. I have the feeling a lot of times.Amidst all our inferiority we feel we have,the things we lack,we should always remember that we are MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, and He loves us abundantly. We might feel not absolutely accepted by anyone but we can rest assured in the love of God. The proof of His love He gave us on the cross where he died for us,bore the punishment we deserved, bore the guilt and the shame, so that we can have life eternal and have His righteousness.

Never look down upon yourself and others for that matter. God esteems you highly, He has given us all a particular gift, a particular life,while we may feel that our lives as compared to some others is not that good but always remember that God has given you that particular setting because he knows you can do your best there,HE TRUSTS YOU. What HE has entrusted you is important while it might not seem that way outwardly He knew you can do your best in what He has given you.

When we think of our lives this way and try to be content in it, we will find joy bubbling in our hearts out of our faith that our God has the perfect plans for us wherever,in whatever state we are in. Our failures, our weaknesses,our fears, all can be used by our God. There is nothing In your life which God cannot use for His Glory. He used the cross the most despicable punishment for the salvation of the world and today we honor it and see it as a symbol which shows OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST,OUR REDEMPTION THROUGH HIS SACRIFICE.

ALL THINGS( our failures,weaknesses,fears,embarrassments….everything) WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD,FOR THOSE WHOSE WHO BELIEVE IN CHRIST.(romans 8:28)


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