Happiness or despair it’s all in us. We always tell that it’s that annoying or irresponsible person who is making us feel down or that tough situation. But none of this can bog us down,can make us feel depressed until we allow them to. Recently while doing a class presentation as a group, i found out that one of my group members had not shown up,not only that, the responsibility, the part i had given her to do she didn’t do it properly she did it just for the sake of it. My mind was already upset due a news article i had read,the picture of a toddler washed ashore totally shook me,i was brought to tears, as i went to college expecting something good to happen i got to know about my ‘missing’ group partner and saw her work.  I was totally upset with anger already inside, i began to show it outside as well, my friends started asking me what was wrong as i wasn’t in my usual bubbly demeanor,i had no explanation. As the day progressed i diverted myself and started feeling better. In this i realized that if we give the reins of our happiness and calmness in the hands of our situations, other people or even our mood we will start to feel more sad than we need to,every small thing will start to feel irritating, every small problem will overwhelm us. The secret is to remind ourselves that its in us to keep us happy,not in others,not in our situations. Starting our day with a heart of thankfulness and gratitude for our lives and all that God has given us, and telling ourselves that its gonna be a happy no matter what helps.

While facing our past mistakes our failures we always think it would be better if we could go back in time and change our reaction, or the decision we made. Its not possible but we keep ourselves bound to our past way more than we should sometimes more than we like it, even i struggle with it, but i have learnt one thing we all know this but don’t exactly accept it as soon. The past is gone we can never change it, even God cant change it, but what we can do is set our sails high again and jump into the sea. Life is so much more, it is up to us to keep ourselves happy. No one can change our mood, no one can make us feel better, we are the ones who create either happiness or sadness.

Stop looking outside, keep your emotions aside if they overwhelm you and analyse each problem as it comes, logically, don’t take your past mistakes as a sign of your inability,  always be hopeful for the future, but in all this stay focused and happy in your present, its a gift God has given us to enjoy, so many people would have liked to see this day but were not able to.



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