I tend to procrastinate almost everything. Be it doing my record work,reading a book,preparing for exams…..almost everything. It seems like even though i know its ought to be done i tend to think of doing in a later time,never do i do anything in the moment.

We procrastinate not only our work, but a lot of other things. We delay expressing our love and gratitude to our loved ones,we delay in starting the new hobby we always wanted to. Its like we never want to start ‘NOW‘.

‘NOW’ that’s a powerful word,the ‘now’, which is now will be earlier or a passed away moment in a few hours,minutes or even seconds. We sometimes fail to fill ourselves with the passion needed to do things now. Even though we have it deep inside us we don’t bring out our latent passion or talent or just a simple wish to the fullest, by the time we convince ourselves into doing it, the passion  is dead and buried deep down under a pile of unnecessary things,menial things, we chose to think or do rather than following the urge of our heart.

You never have to be born great to be great 

You never have to think that you can never revive a dream,thats untrue. It is true that some dreams die, they have to,sometimes,but there are also some dreams which can still be fulfilled, there are a lot of visions still to be visulaised and brought to life.

All you need is to ”PROCRASTINATE PROCRASTINATION”  and start now,let your heart not your mind or body or people around you you do the talking. Sometimes reaching the sky, going boundless is not about success, but it is very much about the realization of our dreams.

you may not have an extraordinarily big dream, as we always hear “dream big”, even if you have a simple dream ,make it happen. And soon you will discover that all the small dreams realizes brought you a long way from where you started.

Stay blessed, make your dreams come true, i just procrastinated procrastination and wrote a blog i always wanted,,, all the best……


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